Why Shops at Riverwalk?

Market Demographics. Successful businesses are located near their customers in markets that are underserved. Would your concept thrive in an area next to a population of 33,602, a majority of whom have credit card limits of over $5000, or don’t even know their limits? How many of your competitors are in the Tuscaloosa market? How many of your competitors are located closer to the UA students or downtown than the Shops at Riverwalk Place?

Traffic Drivers. Riverwalk Place is located on the major thoroughfare between Tuscaloosa’s highest-income residential areas (which surround Lake Tuscaloosa) and the University of Alabama & Tuscaloosa’s CBD . The project is adjacent to Tuscaloosa’s highest employment density areas, including the University of Alabama, a new Federal Courthouse and the new Bank of Tuscaloosa plaza.

Destination Appeal. Tuscaloosa’s Black Warrior Riverfront was recently named a Federal Scenic Byway. Riverwalk Place is designed to blend with the beautiful setting and provide opportunities for riverfront views from seating and sales areas. Newly completed adjacent attractions such as the Riverwalk Amphitheater, Warner Art Museum, River Market and Convention and Visitors Bureau make the Riverwalk a go-to destination for visitors or special occasions. Would your concept see sales higher than a typical
location in an environment like this?

Area of Revitalization. Since 2009, over $185 million in public and private improvements to the area have made the Riverfront a beautiful and bustling area of Tuscaloosa. This resurgence was inevitable for a waterfront area so conveniently located to downtown and the University of Alabama.

Events & Tourism. University of Alabama athletics and a thriving arts scene have made tourism a significant driver of the local economy. Each of the 7 Alabama home football games has an $15-25 million economic impact. On a smaller scale, basketball baseball, softball and gymnastics events bring in regional visitors with multiple events in a typical week.

2011 was the inaugural season of the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater and hosted over 30 events (including 17 concerts) featuring acts ranging from ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Kenny Chesney to modern acts such as STS9, Widespread Panic and 3 Doors Down. Many businesses reported sales on major concert nights at the
levels they see on Alabama Football home game days.

UA Students
Demographic Highlights

2011 Enrollment

33,602 Students

Median Monthly


Freshman Class not from


Female students who
travel to Birmingham
to shop for clothes not
available in Tuscaloosa


Students who travel to
Birmingham to visit
restaurants not available
in Tuscaloosa


Students with over $250/
mo in Disposable Income

17,905 (extrapolated)

Students whose credit
card limit is higher than
$5000, or who don’t even
know their limit